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Introducing AC PlanLogic

Business Planning Made Easy

It's simple: our mission is to get small/start-up companies up and running by implementing easy-to-understand, sustainable, yet cost-effective supply chain planning solutions. From demand planning to supply planning, we have you covered.
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For AC Plan Logic, it’s all about the basics. How can you run if you can’t walk? Supply chain planning can be daunting and sometimes overly complex. We feel that most small start-up companies simply don’t know where to start. “How do I drive a demand forecast?” or “How do I know how much product to order to stay in stock?” Many companies that offer solutions for these problems focus on metrics and out-of-the-box processes riddled with fancy supply chain jargon. We prefer to focus on our four pillars:

  • Cost-Effectiveness: capital is a tight commodity and concern for all companies, especially when they are first forming. We focus on solutions that utilize minimal/existing resources and do not rely on expensive technology with hefty annual fees.

  • Custom-Tailored: every company is different and so should be the proposed supply chain planning solution. We take the time to fully understand a company’s current and aspirational states to implement solutions that are custom-fit to the company’s needs.

  • Simplicity: we want you to succeed - why make it overly complex? Supply chain planning really comes down to a few basic, simple-to-understand concepts; that’s how we like to keep it.

  • Sustainable: we feel that in order to achieve success, processes must be sustainable. By teaching you the fundamentals, you will be able to easily steer the ship upon our departure.



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